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Gluten Free or Not Gluten Free?… that is the question

Are you confused about whether adopting a gluten free diet is right for you?  You’re not alone!  This book is here to help you sort through the facts to determine if gluten free is the right choice for you and your family.  This book will help you:

  • Learn what gluten is
  • Why people need to restrict gluten from their diet
  • Why people feel better when they do restrict gluten from their diet, and why it may not be the lack of gluten that makes them feel better
  • Why people lose weight when restricting gluten
  • The nutritional differences between glutinous and non-glutinous flours
  • And more…


No Thanks, But Thanks!… for my food restrictions
The “short, sweet, and to the point book” I always looked for but never found to help me muddle through food restrictions.  What they are, what goes along with them, how to work with the medical team, how to manage social setting that revolve around food, and of course and place to keep track of all the information.

Received an International Literary Award, from Professional Woman Publishing Company August 2015 for this work.

Now available on in both paperback and Kindle!


You put so much work into this book. I particularly liked the chapter on becoming your own advocate and the charts at the back of the book that help families organize their information and tracking systems. Sometimes parents are so overwhelmed that to start with a system to keep track of personal information starts the process of seeing patterns and answering questions. Great work Brandy.” – Anonymous

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